Designing Art For Screen Printing

Thinking of having some shirts printed and a little unsure about how the process works? In this blog post we're going to provide you with some info on how to work through the artwork side of the printing process.

We often get asked: "what type of artwork file can you work with?" We've put together some information for you below that should help answer some of your artwork questions.


The best file types for us to work with are PDF, PSD, AI, EPS. 

Provided the image is a high enough resolution, we can work from a JPG, PNG, TIFF.


Send us the highest resolution version you have of the graphic at the size you want it printed.  If you're not sure how large you want the print to be, just send along the biggest version of the file that you have and we can scale it for you once we know some details about the print and what you're looking for in terms of a placement.


Not sure what we're talking about? Just send us what you have and we'll help you out. If the image requires design work, we'll give you an estimate on how long it may take us to rebuild / touch up. 

If you don't have any artwork but know what you want, we can help you out. We have in house graphic designers that can design a custom graphic just for you. Drop us a line, we can take it from there.


For those working in Photoshop and not 100% sure how to make sure your image is going to be the right size, see a few pointers below.

Set the image resolution to 300 dpi and scale your canvas accordingly. You find this under "Image" then "Image Size" as shown below:


Without getting into an oversize print price, we cap the height of the graphic at 15". If the print is going on a light garment, we can size that up a bit.

The width can be up to approximately 13"-14". 

Didn't answer your question or need some more info? Feel free to send us your artwork so we can take a look at it. Or, just drop us a line and run whatever it is that you're wondering about by us - we'll do our best to help you out! We've been at this for a while now and have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Trevor @ Hop Creative

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